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The Miles Davis Memorial Project Needs Our Help

MilesStatueWEBA life size bronze statue of legendary jazz trumpeter Miles Davis will be unveiled in May 2014 in Alton, Illinois, where Miles was born. Members of the Miles Davis Memorial Project, spearheaded by the Alton Museum of History and Art along with Pride, Incorporated, plan to place the statue in front of the Lauschke Building in the city’s historic entertainment district on Third Street.

At the recent Alton Block Party, actor Joshua Young posed for cameras (see photo at left) to show the approximate look for the sculpture. The statue is being sculpted by Peoria artist Preston Jackson, who is also a scholar and a jazz musician. Miles Davis is one of the most influential players within the modern American jazz pantheon. He is credited with changing the face of the genre several times from the 1950s until his death in 1991 at the age of 65.

Those interested in supporting the effort may purchase commemorative bricks offered by the Miles Davis Memorial Project at $75 each or twelve-by-twelve granite blocks at $400 each. The bricks and blocks will be engraved with the donor’s message and placed permanently at the statue’s location.

More information is available by calling (618)-467-2375.

Festivals R Us

You may have recently seen us at jazz festivals and events during the year. These excursions allow us to meet with our loyal listeners as they give us valuable feedback, and those who are not familiar with what we do. Thank you to all of our friends who have stopped by our table at these festivals/events and to the organizers who allow us to be part of these wonderful festival traditions.

Each year you’ll find at least one of us at the City of University City Jazz Festival and at the Chesterfield Jazz Festival. Also, we visit from time to time at the Kirkwood Station Brewery Co. to host the Dave Dickey Big Band on the fourth Sunday of each month.

WSIE-FM continues its legacy as the welcoming station for the Sheldon Concert Hall. Some of the best modern American Jazz can be heard in the acoustically perfect Sheldon.

In addition, WSIE-FM welcomes visits from Cubs Scout and Boy or Girl Scout troops, helping kids learn more about broadcasting for their own enjoyment or for a communications badge. Call Greg Conroy, (618) 650-3607, for a tour appointment.